27 June 2020 - 20 September 2020
Manuel Amado (1938-2019) was a prolific painter with a consistent decades-long body of work. Many of his works are thematic series, of which the human figure is either absent or in a secondary position in relation to the spaces that are represented. Manuel Amado’s paintings combine a contemplative appeal and a latent disturbance, as they are both an invitation to take a long, peaceful look and a statement of a spatial and temporal void which points to a play between forgetfulness and remembrance. The spaces that are represented are like stage sets for an unknown action or for lost memories in which light plays a fundamental scenic role. Even though they are realistic, they do not represent real places, as they are recreated and reinvented from memory. According to the painter himself, “scenes on stage” are always on the canvas. These scenes can also refer back to turning points in cinema, which are necessary for the narrative montage, in which time is suspended, in suspense.
Pintura sem álibi (Painting without alibi) is a phrase by Vitor Silva Tavares on the artist’s work, which may be understood as painting without a pretext, without the need for justifications: it is what it is. Or, considering the Latin origin of the word, alius ibi (which means “elsewhere”), painting is but in that place of laborious staging that is the canvas.
This exhibition focuses on Manuel Amado’s works in the Fundação Millennium bcp collection, which are a very representative part of the painter’s body of work over the years, and features pieces from private collections as well.

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