Offer Arpad Szenes and Vieira da Silva, known artists worldwide, a respectable place that would devote to the study and dissemination of its vast and varied work, was an idea that emerged in 1985.
Thought for the nº 3 of Alto de São Francisco, Vieira’s home in Lisbon in the times where she had lived with her mother, and place where she always returned with Arpad, during their stays in Portugal, the study centre soon became impraticable due to small space.
But the commitment of the former President Mario Soares allowed to materialize this idea. That’s how Vieira da Silva choose herself the location for the future Museum and Foundation that would honour her work and to which she would give some of her and her husband works – the former Silk Tissue Fabric.
Near her home, and allowing to establish a connection (that didn’t turn out) with the future Museum, inserted in the romantic Garden of Amoreiras, which still remains the name, since the 331 trees that would feed the silkworms were taken in 1863, the building revelled a simple and harmonious architecture, clean and linear that pleased the artist, thereby making her mind regarding the final decision.
In the process of creation and concretization of the Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Museum, finally opened at 3rd November 1994, the participation and contribution of Lisbon Municipality, which gave the building, was fundamental, taking the Cidade de Lisbon Foundation to seek a new location to install a nursing home already predicted for the place, as well the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,  which covered the construction/ remodelling work; in the research level,  the collaboration of the Luso- Americana Foundation for the Development was key.

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