Guided Tours
 Guided Tours

The Arpad Szenes- Vieira da Silva Foundation offers to its visitors guide tours of the Museum collection and temporary exhibitions, six days a week (Tuesday the Museum is closed).
The visits are conducted by monitors with backgrounds in several areas, depending on the type of tour: from history to plastic arts, from playful to the psychomotor development.

The thematic range of these visits is, occasionally, larger, giving rise to special themes visits, which are duly announced.
In addition to the school and juvenile public, the visits can be requested by seniors or by any other non-scholar group. Just gather a group of people between above 15 and below 30.
For a foreign language audience, we make guide tours in English, by appointment. Groups from other countries, as long as they are accompanied by translators, may also request the guide-tours to the exhibitions.
Not yet available are the sensorial tours, partly because of the nature of the museum collection.

Public and private schools, from pre-school to secondary education, with or without guided tour = free upon presentation of credentials

Groups with guided tour = 3,00€ /pax
No guided tour = student ticket

Free for accompanying teachers.

Groups over 20/pax, with no guided tour = 2,00€ /pax
Groups with guided tour = 4,00€ /pax

Use the registration form on-line and request a tour!

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