Schools and Teacher's Card
 The school public, specially the pre-school and first year, is always, for any museum, very special, not only for the genuine curiosity manifested by these small visitors, but also by their will to learn and know. It is within this goal that is established a connection between the visitor and the collection, that exists the Educational service.
In addition to the generalists visits, for the public with more specific objectives, are available, upon monitor’s request, visits regarding the following themes: the painting of Arpad Szenes; the painting of Vieira da Silva; the building – its architecture, its history and its conversion to a museum; temporary exhibitions.

However, thinking in schools who are not interested in these service, and to ensure the success (or enrichment) of a visit unaccompanied by an expert, here are available to downloads several support materials, such as image bank, and texts related to the permanent and temporary exhibitions, and that may be used successfully for all levels of education.
This way they can  prepare previously the study visits, introducing the students the history of the building of the old Silk Tissue fabric and the area of Amoreiras and its relation to the painters Arpad Szenes and Vieira da Silva, focusing their attention to fundamental aspects related to the Foundation and also to promote, in school, the Museum experience, developing activities about reflection and creativity on different themes.

Gathering the minimum number of participants (15) and by the availability of the monitor, the Arpad Szenes- Vieira da Silva Foundation supports the initiative of teachers who want to be trained in order to better repair to a subsequence visit to the Museum with their classes.

Public Schools, from pre-school to secondary education:
With guide-tour = 1,00€ /pax
No guide tour = free upon presentation of credentials

Private Schools, from pre-school to secondary education:
Groups over 20/pax, with guide tour = 2,00€ /pax
Groups with less 20/pax, with guide tour = 3,00€ /pax
No guide tour = free upon presentation of credentials

Groups over 20/pax, with guide tour = 2,00€ /pax
Groups with less 20/pax, with guide tour = 3,00€ /pax
No guide tour = student ticket

Accompanying teachers don’t pay.

What is the Teacher's Card?
 With this innovative and recent idea the Arpad Szenes- Vieira da Silva Foundation wants to show its gratitude for the initiative and will, and some cases great fidelity, of the Portuguese teachers that visit our Museum, year after year, keeping the Foundation in their curricular program.
The Teacher’s Card is, by this, strengthening the link between the cultural institution and the civil society, specially school, making it more accessible the visit to this special public and at same time giving the teacher better conditions to make the visits to the museum as good as possible for the students.

In this sense, there are several advantages in subscribing the Teacher’s Card:
- Subscription free of charge and available on-line;
- Limited validity of the card;
- Free admission at the Museum for the card’s holder;
- Integration on the mailling list of the Museum, to be always aware of the new events and offered activities;
- Invitation for the inauguration of the temporary exhibitions.

To benefit of all these conditions just have to present your Teacher’s Card, which is personal.

When visit the museum individually, the holder of the Teacher’s Card will have a 20% discount on the price of all Arpad Szenes- Vieira da Silva publications.

These conditions may, at any time, be subject to change.


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