About the collection
About the collection

The collection from the Museum Arpad Szenes- Vieira da Silva meets a significant core of paintings and drawing, which covers a vast period of the work of both artists: from 1911 to 1985 to Arpad Szenes, and from 1926 to 1986 to Vieira da Silva. The illustration’s core of the artist also includes works from 1990 and 1991, a year before her death.
The Collection of art work from the Museum also incorporates works from other artists, contemporary to the couple, their friends, admirers or disciples- in case of Arpad Szenes- where it stands a number of works by Portuguese artists, most of them in early career.
The collection also includes special editions illustrated by Arpad Szenes and Vieira da Silva, an important core of photography from their personal archive and an epistolography background with about 4000 items dating back to 1930, dates that coincides with the departure of Vieira da Silva to Paris and later marriage with Arpad and includes the couple’s correspondence with Portuguese and foreign artists and intellectuals, for decades.

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