Fundo documental

Documental Fund

Vieira da Silva begin to sketch the project of a Study Centre dedicated to research and dissemination of her and her husband work, the painter Arpad Szenes, after his death, in 1985. In 1988, the painter has already given to the Study Centre, which supposed to work in her old house near the Amoreiras Garden, the content of her professional and personnel archives: about 500 pictures, approximately 6 000 items of correspondence with the family and friends, artist and intellectuals, galleries or institutions with whom they worked; originals manuscripts of publications about their work, interviews, press articles, TV and radio shows, movies, beside the catalogues and monographs of both their work, editions illustrated by or dedicated to them.
The project took shape under the aegis of the Foundation and, in 1994, the Museum opens, comprising a Documentation and Research Centre.
The specialized documental fund is composed by monographs, periodic issues and press clippings;  artist’s personal archives; a database ( computerized inventory and illustrated, exhaustive catalogue of the museum collection and photography fund catalogue); bibliography of contemporary national and international art history (focusing on period 1930- 1990).

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