Condições de acesso

General conditions of access and opening hours

It is a presence library with restrict access, may having access any national or international citizen, over 16 years old.. Admission is free.
All users may consult the general fund.
Consulting rare and special funds will be available under the Museum direction approval.
The user may bring its laptop to the reading room.
It is not allow to entre the reading room with:
• Books, magazines, bags, suitcases, packages, umbrellas or coats.
• Photography or digital imaging equipments (like scanners)
• Audio playback devices
• Food or beverages
All these items should be deposited in the cloakroom at the Museum foyer.

It is not allowed to use communication devices, including mobile phones in the reading room.

Time-table and Location
The Documentation and Research Centre is open to public from Wednesday to Friday between 10h and 13h am and 14h and 17h pm. Closed on holidays.
The D.R.C. is located on the 4th floor of the Museum and as restricted access.






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